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Other key machines



Out milling cutters can equip a large range of key cutting machines such as Keyline, Errebi, Minit, LSA, KIS, Kurt, RST, Tilney, Assa Abloy, Mult-T-Lock. All these cutters are available on our Online-Shop.

Automatic or manual key cutting machines. To copy:

  • Flat Keys
  • Dimple and Laser Keys
  • Bit and Double Bit Keys
  • Reading and Engraving
  • Transponder Keys

If your milling cutter is broken or damaged, we can replace it.


(Machine gladaid)


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SELECTION Tools & Cutters Ltd, Swiss milling cutter manufacturer

Our company manufactures a large range of milling cutters, cutting wheels, blades, flat sloters and tracer points to equip key cutting machines such as Silca, JMA & Errebi, Ilco Orion, Keyline, Minit, Tilney, Assa Abloy, KIS.